If I Could Live Anywhere In The World Essay

Imagine money and logistics are no problem.

If you could go anywhere in the world in 2013, where would you want to travel?

The Travel section published its visually arresting “The 46 Places to Go in 2013″ last weekend. Skim through the list and see if the photographs don’t inspire wanderlust, like the one of Rio de Janeiro above. Below, the top 10 destinations with thumbnail descriptions:

1. Rio de Janeiro… Because the whole world will be there in 2014.
2. Marseille, France… On the Mediterranean, art and plenty of it.
3. Nicaragua… It’s eco! And the food is good. Enough said.
4. Accra, Ghana… A buzzing metropolis ready for business, and pleasure.
5. Bhutan… A pristine Buddhist enclave opens, with care.
6. Amsterdam… A decade later, museums reopen, fancier than ever.
7. Houston… What’s big in Texas? Culture and food.
8. Rossland, British Columbia… Fasten your skis. A quiet peak joins the big leagues.
9. New Delhi… Come for the new Metro, stay for where it takes you.
10. Istanbul… Next Eurail stop: culture central.

Students: Tell us …

  • If you could go anywhere in 2013, where would you want to travel? Why there?
  • Who would you go with? What would you do there? How long would you go?
  • Is there any place on the “46 Places to Go” list that caught your interest? Why?
  • Do you think you will ever be able to take your fantasy trip, or will it just be something you can dream about?

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