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The Dangers of Drug Smuggling

Quick money has a very real appeal. It is not only attractive to people who are greedy and always want more riches. Some of the people who crave an easy way to wealth do so because their daily lives are so desperate that they need to hope that they can be removed from poverty very quickly. Drug traffickers see this desperation and often exploit it by selling dreams of a better life where everything can be taken care of. These dreams often turn to nightmares however and through this paper we will look into some of the very real dangers faced by those who choose to smuggle narcotics across international boundaries.

Associating with dangerous criminals

Generally, the people who hire others for this type of task are very dangerous criminals. They may be very willing to kill anyone who gets in their way. This means that if you start trafficking for them and later change your mind, they may not let you stop. This puts you and your family at risk. Even your family members who may not realize what you do for a living could be at risk.

Possibility for physiological damage

If you are very lucky, the narcotics that you are asked to sneak into a foreign country may be placed in your luggage or hidden in your clothing, strapped to your body. Most drug traffickers are far less fortunate. They find themselves having to hide the drugs inside of themselves. They may be forced to swallow condoms full of cocaine, insert them into their rectums or vaginae or both. This is an uncomfortable process but the real damage comes from if these parcels rupture in transit. The quantity being transported was never intended to be consumed all at once by a single human being. This results in severe physical damage and perhaps death.

Possibility of incarceration or execution

As with any illegal activity, the possibility of being caught exists. Most countries try very hard to not be known as transshipment points. As a result, anyone caught involved in this activity is likely to be treated harshly. Sometimes, if you have been behaving erratically or seem to want to stop trafficking, they may deliberately set you up to be caught.

There are other ways to earn money in a difficult situation although most of them do not pay as well as this. On the other hand, few jobs are as dangerous as this either so it balances out.

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Drug Trafficking: An Ongoing Battle Essay

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Drug trafficking is a prohibited, global trade that involves the production, the distribution, and the sales of drugs. It is a topic that has become a very large issue all over the world. It also has had a very big effect on many different countries because they often depend on the business that the drug trafficking creates. Since it has become such a problem, there have been many different efforts to put a stop to drug trafficking by different enforcement agencies. A website about drug statistics, drugabuse.net, indicated that the Drug Enforcement Agency or DEA, as it is well known as, makes over thirty thousand arrests each year dealing with the illegal sales or distribution of drugs. It is also believed that Mexico’s economy would…show more content…

All of these things in turn cause a lot of desperation and create a difficult situation for people. They are in need to find a way to make money so that they can support their families. They become a lot more susceptible to making bad decisions and being sucked into bad situations like drug trafficking. These are the people that drug trafficking networks, such as the Drug Cartel of Mexico, will target for distributing drugs across national borders. They see them as weak humans in need of a break in their lives. They also realize that those citizens are a lot more prone to making risky decisions in order to make money. Another big cause of drug trafficking is the unsuccessful efforts of law enforcement agencies to stop or at least hinder drug trafficking networks. Drug trafficking networks are networks of different organizations and individuals who carry out goals of producing, distributing, and selling illegal drugs. Law enforcement agencies have made many different efforts to try to impede these processes or even slow them down, but they haven’t been very effective. Phil Williams, a director for International Security Studies and an editor for the journal, Transational Organized Crime, stated in The Nature of Drug Trafficking, “There has been a failure to understand fully the struc¬ture of these networks and their capacity to counter or circumvent law enforcement and mili¬tary interdiction” (1). Enforcement agencies have tried very hard to stop

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