Algebra Ii Trig Topics For Essays

2. Dividing complex numbers (incl. rationalizing binomial denominators, ex: 10/(3 – i)

3. Solving absolute value equations algebraically

4. Solving absolute value inequalities

5. Given a real-life scenario, write an absolute value inequality that models it

6. Solve problems involving directand inverse variation

7. Simplifying complex fractions

8. Using L. of Sines and L. of Cosines to solve triangles

9. Finding area of a triangle using (1/2)abSinC

10. Ambiguous case (SSA, using L. of Sines)

11. Binomial Probabilities/Bernoulli experiments

* ex) Given that the chance of snow on any day in February is 40%, find the probability that is snows at least 10 days during the month of February.

12. Finding probabilities based on comparing areas

13. Finding probabilities using permutations and combinations

14. Composition of functions

* writing an algebraic rule for f(g(x)) given f(x) and g(x)
* Finding the domain of f(g(x)) given f(x) and g(x)

15. Co-functions (applying the idea that cos(A) = sin(90 – A) in various ways)

16. Angle Sum, Angle Difference and Double Angle identities

17. Solving Trig equations (linear, quadratic, equations requiring use of the identities above)

So, the vast majority of these I’ve left out. I had originally put binomial probability into the course because, truly, it is the basis for all of the mathematics behind the sampling of populations to test sample proportions, but I’ve decided against it due to not having developed the concept of a combination (or any counting theory of any type).

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