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I could not be more thrilled with the decision to go to UWL. Everything about my experience has been great. The location, community, and campus are beautiful and the people that I have met have made lasting impressions on my life.
The academic scene is proficient but the environment is less than so. There isn't much diversity on campus at all.
La Crosse is a really intimate university that values its students and their education! The campus is just the right size, and all of the faculty members are very helpful. I have learned a lot while at UWL.
Not only is the loction beautiful, but the campus is inclusive and professors care about your success. I transferred here as a junior and La Crosse has made my experience as a transfer student smooth and pain free.
The professors at the University of La Crosse are fantastic and they genuinely care about you and your success. The campus is beautiful and it is super inclusive and easy to get around. The city of La Crosse has a lot of opportunities and fun activities always happening. There is so much construction going on the campus, but it will be worth it in a few short years. The sports and athletics on campus are not that huge so if you want a good athletic scene this is not the best school for it.
I am a high school student taking classes through youth options. Certain professors are more difficult than others, and it is necessary to really pay attention in those. They cancel class on rare occasions, but checking your email really helps keep you notified. It should be checked at least every day so you don’t accidentally go to class when it is cancelled, speaking from experience. The campus is nice, and LaCrosse is an awesome area. I kind of wish that there were tunnels to go between buildings because in winter it is cold.
Lacrosse is starting to feel more and more like home. It was a hard transition at first to get used to living far away from my parents and all of my friends. All in all, this has been a great experience for me.
First and foremost, La Crosse is a beautiful city and a blast to live in. Campus life is amazing. There is no shortage of fun, free events to attend. The small size of campus is perfect, and the food is decent. The life in the dorms is actually not bad. As far as academics goes, UWL is amazing. The professors and advisors truly want to help you every step of the way.
I really enjoy the campus community, everyone is friendly with each other. So far, even though I'm only a freshman, I do not have any complaints about this campus and the people on it.
UW-L has provided me with many opportunities on campus! I am involved with a lot of things, such as:
1. Student Support Services -Student Leadership Council
2. Office of Multicultural Student Services
3. Residence Life - Drake Hall Front Desk Assistant and Eagle Guide for New Student Orientation
4. Murphy Learning Center - Front Desk Assistant and Web Editor
5. LeaderShape National Institute.
These are all things I have and still currently participating in.
The University of Wisconsin - La Crosse has offered me so much in a short 2.5 years so far. The classes are exceptional, and go above and beyond the learning material I thought would be taught. Our professors care about each student, and make that clear on day one. They would go out of their way for any one of us who express the need for extra help, show a strong interest in their field of learning, or just prove that we want to be in their class and will do what it takes to learn and succeed. At UW - La Crosse, there are also a variety of clubs and extracurricular activities to get involved in on campus. Personally, I joined Greek Life my freshman year, and this organization has helped me learn so much more about myself. It's also brought me friends I will have for a lifetime, study partners, and great volunteer opportunities. At the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse, it's hard to feel like you are not right at home.
Amazing small town feel within driving distance of Rochester and Twin Cities. A lot of bars and restaurants downtown to visit and easy to get around town. Active community with bike paths, hikes, and outdoor activities. Unmatched views of the Mississippi and the bluffs surrounding La Crosse. Fall foliage is hard to beat in the area!
La Crosse has been a great experience especially for my major of biochemistry. I've loved my professors for the most part, and many of them are always willing to help. The people are extremely welcoming and the campus is beautiful.
The town is really nice, with a decent amount of activities to do. There's especially a lot of outdoor activities and beautiful sights to see! The campus itself isn't too large, so walking to class doesn't usually take too long. The library is a really good place to study with a decent coffee shop in it, and the new student union has a lot of comfy chairs. Soon there will be a new science building, with a lot of labs! The math and statistics professors are also really interesting and helpful! It's a very good campus to be at!
I really like the fact that we are so much than a student body, but rather a community. No one is afraid to say hi to you, hold the door for you, or ask how you are doing. It is a very friendly environment that contributes to both safety and academic benefits. One thing that I would like to see change is the diversity on campus. I know being from rural Wisconsin makes it hard, but we have a campus dominated by Caucasians.
It is absolutely gorgeous. My major is biology and their program is amazing. My professors are great and they are building a new science building that will be done in the next year. I have learned a lot and met some amazing people. During times of struggle, my professors have been completely understanding and I have been able to succeed.
I love everything about UWL. The people are great, nice, polite, and loving. The students are very nonjudgemental and I feel like I am at home when I am here. This is my second home. The professors care about you and your grades. They help you achieve your goals. One thing I would change about the campus is the size of the Recreational Center. But, they are improving the center the year of 2018. So, the campus in my mind will not have anything wrong with it.
My experience at UW-Lacrosse has academically been pretty good. The only thing I did not think through is how far of a drive it is away from home. The part I would change about this school is the dining because there are not many places offered to eat on campus. The one thing would keep is the number of resources that are offered in helping students get on to the right path of their education.

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