Hn144 Unit 8 Assignment

Unit 4 Assignment Essay

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Unit 4 Assignment
Tracy Miller
MT203:02 Human Resources Management
Managing Talent
Kaplan University

1. What conclusions can you draw about the supply of and demand for labor at Yahoo?

I feel that Yahoo truly has a lot of work ahead of them. They seemed to be set in their ways as far as how they ran the company. They supply all of the same things that were a hit during the big boom era of the internet. The demand, is for an up to date current need. All of the other companies have updated what they have to offer to all age groups that are using the internet.
Google is definitely cornering the market in searches, apps and email. This is a company they need to look at for building new and better ways of running the…show more content…

It will give them the incentive they need to not jump on the first offer another recruiter may give them from an opposing company.

Now that this strategy is in place and they have begun recruiting for the research center at the University of Illinois, they can begin building on the 25 patents they have applied for on new ideas for the company. Recruiting and training from within will help them retain the great talent they already have and then looking to the outside for fresh talent to bring in new ideas to the table.

3. If you were responsible for college recruiting at Yahoo, where would you recruit, and what would you say? Why?

I would actually start recruiting at technical colleges, such as ITT. There is great talent there and they are full of fresh, innovative ideas. A new college graduate from a technical college has learned so much of the new ways of doing things, it is a must have in the field.
Technology changes every day, it gets more in depth and new graduates are definitely the way to get into that pool. I would recruit them into several different departments; research, marketing, and coming up with the next big thing. There would be a department dedicated to apps in order to expand in the right direction.
I would let them know that when they are accepting a position with Yahoo, they are accepting a very fulfilling career where their opinions matter and they will be the reason for the growth of the

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