The Four Parenting Styles Essay

My opinion on parenting styles is that authoritative is the most correct way. This style allows for the children and parents to communicate in an effective and healthy manner. The child can express their feelings to their parent and their parent will listen to them. On the other hand, the parent will not always do what the child prefers but maybe come to an agreement. The parents will also include their child in family decision-making. (611) This would give the child a sense of power and involvement because the get to help decide things the family will do. When I was a child, I always liked choosing what restaurants we went to for dinner. This was an incentive for me to behave so my parents would let me pick the restaurant again. This was a very effective way to get me to behave in the restaurant and was effective in other scenarios in which a choice needed to be made. I think that when I become a parent I would wan to use the authoritative style as well. I have seen children raised in the other types of parenting styles and I would not want my children to act like that. Children of parents that are permissive usually allow their children to go out wherever they want late at night and usually end up in some kind of trouble. Children whose parents are uninvolved usually have a hard time in school and therefore have a hard time making friends and keeping up good grades. With authoritarian parents are too strict on their children and the children either rebel as soon as they get out of the house or they stay too reserved and never break out and try new things. There are definitely many of my parents parenting styles that I will use on my own children while in some areas I will try to be more permissive rather than more authoritarian. Peers are important in a child’s development because it is important to interact with other children. Every age group of children has a different way of interacting

Parenting Styles Essay

Parenting Styles

Parenting styles are as diverse as parents themselves. Parenting is one of the most challenging and difficult responsibilities a person can face. The way a family is structured is called the parenting style. Parenting styles are collections of parental attitudes, practices, and non-verbal expressions that characterize the nature of parent-child relationships. Because individuals learn how to parent from many different examples including their own parents, role models, society and life experiences. Parenting techniques can vary greatly from household to household, however, experts believe that parenting styles can be broken down into four main categories which include permissive,authoritarian,authoritative,and neglectful.

The style of parenting with which children are raised can profoundly affect their social development, as well as their abilities to deal with life situations as adults. Parents who follow the permissive style of parenting have very few rules, no consistent limits, and more often than not give in to their children.. In a permissive family, the children are in charge.

Authoritarian-parents who are punitive and focus on gaining a child's obedience to parental demands rather than responding to the demands of the child.Authoritarian parenting styles give little to no options to a child. What the parent says goes. It is a rigid approach to raising children that may have been most effective in times of great famine or toil. It was used most commonly in large, traditional families in which the father was the patriarch, and everyone else was called to follow his command. Times have changed greatly since. Doctors see a problem with this approach in modern times,it creates a distance between parent and child in which the child doubts the parent's love for him. It is based on punishment, which can easily create anger.

Authoritative-parenting who are flexible and responsive to the child's needs but still enforce reasonable standards of conduct.the authoritative approach involves effective parental communication with their offspring. Developing empathy and understanding creates a positive atmosphere in which the children can thrive. With a heavy leaning on pyschology, this approach replaces spanking with talking. The weakness to this method, doctors point out, lies in the lack of authority that the child receives. They see a danger in the child learning a lack of respect for authority figures since they never learn about authority itself

neglecting-parents who are under involved with their children and respond minimally to either the child's needs or the child's behavior. Putting aside those who are bad parents because they give little time, attention, or effort to the rearing of their children (parents who let their children fend for themselves from a very early age)would fall into the neglectful catagory.

Research indicates that about one-third of all parents use authoritative style of parenting....

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