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Montagues and Capulets: The Origin of the Feud

Act 1 - Premonition

The date is 1492; the place, the fair Italian city of Verona. The wealthiest and most important families in the city, aside from that of the prince, were the Montagues and Capulets. The most well known Montagues were Amelia and Romeo. The most well known Capulets were Siegfried and Juliet. What exactly do these people have in common? Their roles in the centuries long feud between the two families.

A beautiful young woman ran through the streets of Verona. The people in the streets all greeted her and she greeted them as well. All was good in the city, and everyone was enjoying themselves. She carried a rose in her hands, a large smile on her face. She arrived at a large mansion and looked around the entrance. When she spotted a woman tending to the garden in front, she eagerly approached her.

"Excuse me?" The gardener looked up at her. "Could you plant this for me?"

The gardener looked at it and shook her head. "I'm sorry, milady. It would be better to have it placed in a vase somewhere safe, don't you think?"

The girl looked at it. "You're right. That would be better. Thank you for your advice!" She hurried inside and gave the rose to one of the maids. Afterwards, she began walking through the mansion until she stopped in front of a door. She opened it, and it led to a large room. In the center was a large bed. She ran to it and hopped onto it. She happily giggled and rolled to her side, looking outside of the window.

"Lady Amelia?" A woman stood in the girl's doorway, smiling at her. She appeared to be a servant, dressed in a much more simple dress with an apron. "You appear to be in a good mood, milady. I take it your meeting with Master Siegfried went well?"

The girl rolled over and looked at the woman. She smiled and sat up. "It was wonderful, Cordelia!" She ran to the woman and grasped her hands. "Siegfried gave me a rose today!"

Cordelia stared at the girl. "A... rose?" She meekly smiled. "What color was it, milady?"

Amelia sighed and walked to her bed before sitting down and looking at the ground. "It was just a yellow rose. I asked one of the gardeners to put it with the flowers." She moaned and fell over. "If only it was red! Even if it was pink I'd be happy!"

"Now stop that! You know better than to act so childish, Lady Amelia!"

"You don't know how I feel, Cordelia! I've known Siegfried for so long now. He's much more than a friend to me…"

Cordelia placed a hand on the girl's shoulder. "It's true that you've known Master Siegfried for a long time. Ten years now, I'm sure. Who knows, maybe this is just the beginning." She sat down next to her. "He could very well feel the same about you, but is too nervous to tell you. The rose could be a way to express that without fully confessing his love for you."

Amelia perked up and nodded. "You're right! That might be it!" The girl gave Cordelia a quizzical look. "How come you came to my room, Cordelia?"

She seemed offended. "Can't I just come visit you? I've known you your entire life! We're practically sisters! But no, that's not the reason. Your father wanted to meet with you. I'd imagine that it's something rather important."

"Important?" Amelia stood and slowly walked to the door. "I wonder what it could be about?"

Cordelia stood as well, and smirked.. "You are sixteen years old, Lady Amelia. It could very well be related to marriage."

"You're right, it might be! Maybe father and Lord Capulet have been planning to marry me to Siegfried!" She ran out of her room. Cordelia chuckled, and followed the girl out of the room before closing the door.

On the other side of Verona stood the house of the Capulets. Behind the mansion stood two young men. one of them was chiseling a statue, hard at work, covered in sweat. The other sat on a nearby stone and watched. He had a somewhat dreamy look in his eye.

The young man with the chisel hammered one final time before wiping sweat from his brow. He lowered his tools and scowled at his friend. "Dear God, Siegfried! We've been out here for an hour now, and yet you've had that look on your face the entire time! What's up with you? Isn't this sweltering heat having an affect on you? You haven't any sweat on you."

He blissfully sighed. "David, my friend, how can something such as the sun's heat affect me when I'm like this?"

David raised a brow. "When you're like what?"

He stood. "When I'm in love of course! The flames of passion burning within my heart strike down any harmful heat from the sun that could make me sweat! You, sir, are a fool who is yet to find his love. That's why you sweat so."

"You've been drinking, haven't you? This isn't the first time you've spouted nonsense, but not like this."

"Drinking? Not I, good sir! What I speak of is true love!" Siegfried looked up at the sky, and appeared to be lost in the clouds. "Ten years I've known her, and only recently have I become aware of my feelings."

"Oh, I get it now! You speak of Amelia, don't you?" David asked. "I don't know any other woman you've known for so long that are nothing more than acquaintances!"

"It's true, dear friend!" He wrapped his arm around David's shoulder. "For so long, Amelia was nothing more than my close friend. But just a short while ago, I began to realize how beautiful she was. I've felt like this in the past, but never this strongly! Her wonderful blue eyes twinkle like the most radiant of lights! Her silky brown hair, soft as the finest clothes in all the house. Nay, all of Verona if not all the world! Her soft skin is absolutely flawless. Her smile would put the sun to shame!"

David chuckled. "You're so crazy about the girl that you're yet to get your arm off of me, being covered in sweat like I am."

"Heh. You're right. My mind goes blank when I think of her." He took his arm off of his sweaty friend. "I gave her a yellow rose today."

"Yellow? You just said you're in love with her and yet you tell me you gave her a yellow rose?"

"I'm waiting a little while longer. If I gave her a pink rose or a red rose, there would be no going back."

"You'd better hurry, friend! It's only a matter of time before you miss your chance. Both of you should have been married by now. I'm sure both your parents and hers will remedy that soon." He placed the tools on the rock Siegfried sat on. "Now, I must go wash off. You must sort your thoughts. Best of luck, Sieg."

Now alone, the young man put a hand on his heart. "What I desire, I will claim. It's only a matter of time before I can call Amelia mine. I must only prepare, to make sure everything is perfect."

Two weeks had passed since Siegfried told David about his love for Amelia. It was the evening, and the two currently stood in the orchard of the Capulets. Amelia stood, petrified. He calmly looked at her, while she stared at the ground, all hope lost. The area was silent, the only sound that of singing birds. After a moment of silence, he caressed her cheek.

"Amelia, are you alright?" He sounded concerned. "What is the matter?"

She gulped. "T-there's something I had to tell you."

"What is it? You seem distressed. Is everything okay at your house?"

She reluctantly shook her head. "N-no, father… he's arranged for me to marry…" She whispered the final word.

"He has; truly?" Siegfried sulked. "I see. Today of all days."

She looked up at him. "What? What was special about today?" She watched on in silence as Siegfried waited over to one of the shrubs and picked a rose up from behind it. She gasped when she saw the bright red petals in the dusk. "Siegfried."

"I wanted to give this to you." He offered it to her and she accepted it. "Even though we've known each other for so long, I've been oblivious to your beauty until now. Never before have I felt this way about a girl. All of them that I've met pale in comparison to you. Even Venus herself would be envious of you." He sighed. "It would appear that I waited to long to tell you of this."

"Siegfried, I feel the same way! I've loved you for as long as I can remember!" She looked down. "I never spoke of it because I was afraid that I could lose you as a friend if things didn't work out between us." Tears began to well up in her eyes. "I feel like such as fool, not telling you before! I confided in Cordelia, but neither of us thought to talk to father! And now it's too late!"

He embraced her. "Calm down, Amelia. You are not the only one to blame. I, too, am at fault for not speaking to my own father of the matter." He lifted up her chin. "Even now that I know of your engagement, I can't help but desire your love." He drew her closer, until their lips touched.

When they parted, Amelia smiled at him. "I've wanted to kiss you for so many years now." She clutched his hand. "Thank you for fulfilling my wish."

"I have fulfilled yours," He began. "but will you be gracious enough to fulfill mine, Amelia?" She nodded and kissed him once more. When they parted for the second time, they both had large smiles on their faces. "If only this moment could last forever."

"I agree. Being here with you tonight like this is all I've ever wanted." She nuzzled into his chest.

"Lady! Are you around here? Lady!" Cordelia's voice came calling a distance away. "It's getting late!"

The two youths panicked and Siegfried broke away from Amelia. "I'm sorry! I didn't take the time into consideration!" Siegfried cried. "Go on, I don't want you to get in trouble!"

She began running off, but stopped partway. She looked at the rose, and then Siegfried. "Thank you again. I love you, Siegfried. I don't want to leave, but-"

"-you have to, to avoid making your parents worry. I love you too Amelia." She smiled at her ."My love for you burns with more intensity than the sun itself. Good night, amore mio1."

She smiled as well, but it was a somber smile. "Buona notte, amore mio2. But knowing that we can't be together will be sure to make all of my nights bad. May we meet again soon."

She ran off in order to meet her nurse, leaving a saddened Siegfried alone with his thoughts. He sat on the ground and buried his head in his hands.

"Father, please! You're overreacting!" Amelia chased after her father who stormed into the mansion. "Please, listen to me!"

He stopped in front of his study and turned towards her. "You're engaged and yet you continue to see that Capulet boy! What would possess you to do such a thing, figlia3?"

"Sieg has been one of my best friends since we were children! Why are you getting angry about it now?!" She shouted.

"That's not what I'm angry about! One of our servants said that he caught you and that- that- that bastardo4 kissing under one of the bridges in the city! You are engaged, Amelia! You cannot show such affection to any other man other than Marcus!"

"You can't control who I love, father! Just because you chose Marcus for me doesn't mean I'm going to automatically fall in love with him!"

"It doesn't matter whether you love him or not! I chose him for you, so you will be with him, and no other man!"

A woman quickly stepped in between the two and glared at Lord Montague. "Enough! Giovanni, you have work to do. I'll talk to Amelia, so don't worry."

"Very well, dear." He opened the door to his study. "You can't be your usual self today. You must be forceful with the girl."

He shut the door and the woman turned to Amelia. "Amelia, darling." She took the girl's hand. "Come with me. So we can speak in private." Lady Montague led Amelia to her room, and closed the door, ensuring that no one could hear them. "Amelia, sweetie, what's going through your head?"

The girl, who was sitting with her mother on a bed, began to cry. "Mama, father doesn't care about me, does he?"

"What?! No, no, no, Amelia, he does!" She hugged her daughter. "You must understand. Your father cares greatly for you, truly he does!"

"If he does, why not call off my engagement with Marcus?!" She continued to weep, damping her mother's dress. "Why is he so determined to marry me to him?"

Lady Montague began stroking her daughter's hair. "Marcus's father once loaned your father some money when he was somewhat poor. He was able to use that money to become a successful banker. This was just a short while before I met him. Your father believes that if it weren't for that, he'd still be some beggar in the streets rather than the lord of House Montague. This is his way of paying the man back. Allowing Marcus to marry into our family will greatly benefit his own."

"So that's it?" She said as she sniffled. "I'm just his way of repaying someone?"

"Don't think about it like that. If people found out that you, an engaged woman, was seeing someone else, you'd be horribly ashamed. That's why he's so adamant about keeping you away from Siegfried."

"I see. If it's to protect me, then… I'll do everything in my power to move on from Sieg." Amelia looked at the ground, still sniffling as her mother comforted her.

In the plaza of Verona, David sat on the edge of a fountain, Cordelia standing on the other side of it. It was midday, and many other people walked about doing their own things. David sat polishing his rapier, while Cordelia held a basket of groceries.

"So that's it? Lord Montague is really going to send such a letter like that in a few days?" David stopped polishing for a moment. "Truly a shame, it is."

"It is. Lady Amelia is to stay one hundred feet away from House Capulet, and Master Siegfried is to stay one hundred feet away from House Montague. Her mother spoke to her about the matter last month, but it appears that it didn't work."

"What has her father done now?"

"The lady is not allowed to leave the mansion for the rest of the month." Cordelia said. "What will you do? Will you tell Master Siegfried, or will you wait for the letter?"

"If I don't allow Lord Capulet to see the letter, Siegfried won't be punished. If he's punished as well, that might help stop their clandestine meetings."

"I… have a bad feeling about this all, Sir David."

He looked over his shoulder at her. "David is enough. I feel the same. Even if they are punished, something tells me that those children will only get themselves into more trouble as time passes."

Cordelia sighed. "I'm afraid that something was set into motion when Lord Montague decided to choose Marcus before consulting the lady. Something we can't control."

"I pray that's not the case. We must do everything we can to protect them. No matter what our hearts say; no matter how much they protest." He placed the sword into its sheath. "It's our duty."

"It is. I must put aside my feelings and focus only on the lady's well being rather than her emotions."

The two then spoke in unison. "May God grant us the strength to complete this task."

Amore mio - My love

Buona notte amore mio -Good night my love

Figlia - Daughter

Bastardo - Bastard

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