Synthesis Of Research On Critical Thinking

Research-based learning (RBL) is a part of learning process in order to construct the essential skills in 21st century. Currently, there are not many studies about the body of knowledge on research-based learning in Thailand. So, the objective of this research is to synthesize the research-based learning. Variables consists of two sets. First set is the description of research. Second set is the effect sizes of research. Tool for collecting data is the recording data form for research synthesis. Data were analyzed by frequency, percentage and meta-analysis. The results showed that (1) description of research, we found that in 2009, RBL research was frequently published (26.1%), Chulalongkorn University often produced RBL research (26.1%), there were two majors which usually produced the RBL research as Research, Measurement and Evaluation major (21.7%) and Science Education major (21.7%), researchers from the Office of the Higher Education Commission commonly produced the research (39.1%), most were male researchers (82.6%), the research type was thesis in master degree (69.6%), common research objectives found was to study (46.5%), research design most found was experimental design (82.6%), frequent sample found was students (31.3%), samples’ research level was secondary school (43.5%) and repeated analyzing method found was descriptive analysis (48.65%). (2) the effect sizes

from RBL influence independent variables comprising of the knowledge discovery and working skills, good citizen, thinking skills, achievement, nature researcher, basic research, problem solving skills, critical thinking, inquiry and attitude.

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